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Chinese Journal of Medical Physics is the official journal of Chinese Society of Medical Physics (CSMP), a member of the International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP). As the only comprehensive academic journal of medical physics in China, the Journal covers a wide scope in medical physics, from medical radiation physics, medical imaging physics, medical signal processing, medical equipment, medical biophysics, to brain science and neurophysics.
Published since 1981 and currently distributed around the world, the Chinese Journal of Medical Physicsis co-sponsored by Southern Medical University and the Chinese Society of Medical Physics. The Editorial Board of Chinese Journal of Medical Physics is responsible for the editorial management and publishing of both its electronic and print editions, which are now published monthly (bimonthly before 2016).
So far the Chinese Journal of Medical Physics has been recognized as the source journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations and for Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), and has been indexed by China National Knowledge Internet ( and Wanfang Database and VIP database. The target readership of the Journal include professionals who work in medical physics, teaching and laboratory staff engaged in the research of medical physics, and students of medical physics, biophysics, biomedical engineering, medical and applied physics.
We warmly welcome high-quality contributions from researchers around the world!

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[WU Fan1, LANG Jinyi1, XU Jinghui1, YUAN Jiawei2, KANG Shengwei1, CHEN Yazheng1, WU Junxiang1 ]
2020 NO.2 [Abstract](101)[PDF:688KB] (101)
[FANG Chunfeng1, 2, XIE Chuanbin1, XU Shouping1, DAI Xiangkun1, XU Wei1, SONG Yuanyuan2, WANG Zishen2 ]
2020 NO.2 [Abstract](67)[PDF:906KB] (67)
[YIN Xujun, WANG Xin, LI Xia’nan, CHEN Yalin ]
2020 NO.2 [Abstract](68)[PDF:1261KB] (68)
[SONG Wei, LU Hong, MA Jun, ZHAO Di, LIU Jie, YU Dahai, ZHANG Biyun]
2020 NO.2 [Abstract](67)[PDF:807KB] (67)
[WANG Haiyang1, WU Hao1, GENG Jianhao1, HUANG Yuliang1, LI Chenguang1, LI Weibo2, JIANG Fan1, GONG Jian1, XIANG Xiaoyu1, CAO Wentian3, CHANG Cheng1, MA Wenjun4, ZHANG Yibao1 ]
2020 NO.2 [Abstract](38)[PDF:816KB] (38)
[ZHENG Lifu1, ZHANG Yuqi2, FANG Chuan2, GE Yun2, CHEN Ying2, HUANG Xiaolin2]
2020 NO.2 [Abstract](32)[PDF:1487KB] (32)
[HUI Zhao, HUANG Huiming]
2020 NO.2 [Abstract](41)[PDF:1124KB] (41)
[YU Nan1, SHEN Cong2, JIA Yongjun1, DUAN Haifeng1, HAN Dong1, GUO Youmin2, YU Yong1 ]
2020 NO.2 [Abstract](27)[PDF:908KB] (27)
[WU Wenxiu1, 2, 3, JIANG Guihua1, 2, XU Zhifeng3, PAN Aizhen3, GAO Mingyong3, ZHOU Xinhan3]
2020 NO.2 [Abstract](53)[PDF:953KB] (53)
[WEN Jiayuan1, LIN Guoyu1, ZHANG Yiwen1, ZHOU Zhitao2, CAO Lei1, FENG Qinchang3]
2020 NO.2 [Abstract](29)[PDF:2184KB] (29)
[CHEN Yousheng, YAN Guiling, LIN Weizhen, FANG Rukang, TAO Foqin, CAO Zhiliang, CHEN Weifang]
2020 NO.2 [Abstract](32)[PDF:1719KB] (32)
[LIU Ni1, HU Jieying1, ZHENG Zeguang1, ZHONG Lihong1, WANG Xinni1, CHEN Rongchang1, HE Feng2, LIU Wugen2, ZHOU Ping3 ]
2020 NO.2 [Abstract](29)[PDF:1374KB] (29)
[WU Ruiqing1, ZHANG Hui1, 2]
2020 NO.2 [Abstract](31)[PDF:1598KB] (31)